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Family is everything to me (scroll to the end of the gallery to see mine!). Family can consist of the sweetest, most complicated, most intimate, cherished relationships in your life. Whatever family is to you — the one you were born into, the one that took you in, the one you built yourself — I want to document those relationships for you! 


And we're not talking boring, stiff family photos where everyone present would rather be somewhere else. Part of my mission is to create an experience for you, a fun one! I want our time together to not only be remembered for the photos that you receive, but for the quality family time you got to spend together! From your living room to the great outdoors, there will be snuggles and tickle fights, tight hugs and squinty eyes, cheek kisses and silly faces, airplane arms and bubbles, windblown hair and dancing feet, aching cheeks & bellies from laughing too much, and most importantly, candid moments and genuine emotions. 


Session // $300

Maternity-Newborn Sessions Package // $425

(Travel fees apply to shoots over 50 mi. from Austell, GA)

"Getting 6 adults, one two year old, and a dog together for one good photo is hard enough, but Abigail did a whole album's worth of fantastic photos and made it look easy. If you’re in the Atlanta area, I would urge you to reach out to this kind soul for your photography needs. Also, we received a preview set of photos less than 18 hours after our shoot (😱) and just a few days before Christmas, too! I’m amazed and pleased! 5 stars all around!"


- Robinson Family -

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